Box Closures

Friction Tuck

  • Top loaded design
  • The sealing structure uses the friction between the slit lock between the tongue, dust flap and the panels to create a closing.
  • It is one of the most common closure structures for box styles.
  • Medium level strength
  • Suitable for small, lightweight items such as daily necessities in pharmaceutical packaging.

Seal End

  • End loaded design
  • The glued sealing structure are panels attached the base box with flaps that stick together.
  • The locking strength and reliability of the seal end ensures that the contents inside are secured and untampered with.
  • Though the structure style is less convenient because the of the glue seal closure, it is ideal for industries with automated packaging lines, such as food industries.

Snap Lock Bottom

  • Top loaded design
  • Snap lock bottom, also called 1-2-3 bottom
  • Simple structure that maintains a seamless aesthetic and is an economic option that retains strength and tightness in the closure.
  • It is a low-cost design that is quick to set up
  • It is the most commonly used lock bottom structure and is widely used in cosmetics, alcohol and food packaging.

Automatic Lock Bottom

  • The automatic lock bottom refers to the body and the bottom of the box that can be folded into a flat plate for compatibility.
  • The bottom of the box can be automatically restored to the sealing status when the box is formed.
  • The structure is complex and costs higher than other box styles.
  • These types of boxes are ideal for high volume (i.e. 10,000 cartons or more) operations.
  • It is a top loaded design and is common for small food and beverage products such as tea bags, coffee bags and candy.

6 Corner Glued

  • Top loaded design
  • This is similar to the 4-corner glue as it is also a top loaded design, built for stack ability with double layers and pre-glued corners for reduced set up times.
  • This design requires a higher unit cost as it is costly and requires a complex gluer set up and slower run times.
  • Ideal for cakes, pastries or gift boxes.

4 Corner Glued

  • This top loaded box is built to be rigid and sturdy.
  • Its stackability is outstanding with double layers on all 3 sides.
  • All the corners are pre-glued to reduce set up time when being packed.
  • This box style is quite costly due to the complex glue set up and slower run speeds, but easy to pack and assemble.
  • They are ideal for care products, gift boxes, and pastries.